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EoM SmartOrchestrator

Network orchestrator


The shift to IP in broadcasting systems has increased the flexibility of system configuration and equipment placement, contributing to remote production. However, the developed flexibility has also led to the need for integrated monitoring and management of the entire system in order to operate increasingly complex systems. EoM SmartOrchestrator has been developed to solve this problem, with the following features.

EoM SmartOrchestrator features

1.Visualization of the whole system, including the end devices

  • By supporting not only standard protocols(*) but also broadcast protocols, the system provides an overview of the configuration and status of the entire system, including the end devices on the network

     <Supported protocols for broadcasting>
      AMWA NMOS IS-04/05/06、SMPTE ST 2110、SMPTE ST 2059(PTP’s profile for broadcasting)
  • It is possible to monitor and control the system in a way that is difficult to do with products that only understand standard protocols(*).

    * SNMP, LLDP, OpenFlow… etc.

2.Drill down to quickly identify the cause

  • Not only does it allow you to monitor and operate your entire system from a bird's eye view, but it also allows you to quickly drill down to find the cause of any problems that may occur.

  • Combination with EoM (IP Flow Monitoring) allows users to monitor IP flows associated with devices on the network. Then, users can monitor IP flows down to the IP packet level.

3.Flexible scalability and unified view

  • By separating the controller, which monitors and controls each device on the network, from the manager, which controls the whole network, it is possible not only to start small introduction of the product, but also to support the central monitoring and management of large systems.

  • Add-on adapters are available for devices that communicate using their own protocols.

  • Users can access the system via a web browser. Placement of the manager in the cloud and the controller at each site enables user to monitor and operate the system remotely.

  • The system scale is flexible, depending on the size of the system, which provides users with a unified view of the entire system.


  • The configuration is independent of third-party systems and specific vendor protocols.

  • We will make effort to address customer's requests, as well as update the system in responce to change in broadcasting protocols.  

  • Because it is 100% in-house developed, we can offer quick and flexible support.

Main components

Main Functions


Project management
With EoM SmartOrchestrator, users can manage the program production as a 'project'.


Topology detection and management
It automatically detects the topology (configuration information) of the entire network of the system including the end devices.


Connection control
Users can control the connections (connection, disconnection, etc.) between senders and receivers for videos, audios, etc.


IP flow control
NMOS IS-06 and SDN technology (OpenFlow) control the access and bandwidth of IP flows through the network.


Alert notifications
Alert notifications are sent out when a problem occurs with a network switch or device. Then, users can specify the problem. 


NW equipment and device management
It is possible to retrieve and view configuration information of network switches and devices, etc.


Log management
It is possible to collect any log messages output by network switches and devices and view them in a unified view.


IP flow monitoring linkage
In conjunction with EoM (IP flow monitoring product), it is possible to analyse the network with detailed information at the IP packet level, linking each device.


Various processes can be scheduled, including command execution on any devices.