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Management Philosophy

Creating Safety and Convenience for the Information Society of the Next Generation

In 1989, when online payment with credit cards had not been widely popularized in Japan, INTELLIGENT WAVE INC. became the first company in the industry to develop a network gateway system which could process large amounts of transmission data accurately and in real time, opening up a new market. After that, the company developed a system equipped with an authentication feature and a fraud detection feature for credit cards. It gained the trust of its customers as a provider of a societally important payment system. With the cashless society being promoted in recent years, the business opportunities for the company have been growing.

The idea of pursuing a 24-hour Ceaseless System, which has been inherited by the company, is deeply connected not only to the finance industry, but also to the creation of an IT foundation along with technology that will support the improvement of the security feature. The technological prowess we cultivated so far will certainly be extensively applied in all kinds of industries in the future. We shall wholeheartedly push forward and contribute to society by keep on providing a high-speed, safe, high-quality, and user-friendly IT infrastructure.