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1984 Dec.Established with paid-in capital of 98 million yen
1985 May.Paid-in capital increased to 192 million yen
Sep.Opened Shibata Branch
Installed a Stratus Computer, the first in Japan
1987 Oct.Paid-in capital increased to 250 million yen (20% of capital invested by Itochu Corporation)
1988 Jan.SR Contract with IBM Japan, Ltd. (SYSTEM/88)
1989 Jan.Company owned building completed in Shibata, Niigata


1990 Oct.Paid-in capital increased to 468,750,000 yen
1991 Apr.Agency agreement signed with Neuron Data (currently HCL Technologies Limited) for Nexpert
Object & Open Interface, with Teknekron Software Systems (currently Reuters Japan Limited)
May.Established Intelligent Wave Philippines, Inc. in Manila
1993 May.Head office moved to Kiba, Tokyo
1998 Jul.Agency agreement signed with Eracom Pty, Ltd.(SafeNet, Inc.)for ESM2000


2000 Feb.Paid-in capital increased to 539,750,000 yen
2001 Apr.2-for-1 stock split
Paid-in capital increased to 639,750,000 yen
Jun.Listed on Japanese Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (JASDAQ)
Paid-in capital increased to 843,750,000 yen
2002 Jan.Agency agreement signed with Cyota, Inc.(RSA Security Inc.) for 3D Secure
Feb.10-for-1 stock split
Apr.Shares included in JASDAQ’s “J-Stock Index”
Oct.Received award from METI for contribution to progress of information technology (Company)
Nov.Introduced a system of incentives for shareholders
2004 Sep.Established Intelligent Wave USA, Inc. (N.Y.)
Dec.Established Intelligent Wave Europe Limited (London)
2005 Feb.Head office moved to Shinkawa in Tokyo's Chuo Ward
Jun.Established Intelligent Wave Korea Inc. (Seoul)
2006 Sep.Received award from METI for contribution to progress of information technology (System : CWAT)
Oct.NTT Com and Intelligent Wave combat internal info leaks in 16 markets worldwide
2007 Oct.Started SSFC-compliant joint services for office security with Dai Nippon Printing


2010 Apr.Tender offer by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., for shares of Intelligent Wave Inc. completed
Jul.Agency contract with OneMarketData, USA
Aug.Entered strategic partnership with Serisys Solutions Limited., HongKong
2012 Feb.Changed content of the incentives for shareholders
Jun.Liquidated Intelligent Wave USA,Inc
2013 Jun.Acquired ODN Solution Inc., as an affiliate company
Jul.Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ(Standard)
2014 Nov.Held the 30th anniversary celebration of the company
2015 MayStarted sales and promotion of Traps, an endpoint protection tool
2016Jun.Liquidated Intelligent Wave Korea,Inc
Aug.Awarded Japan TRAPS Partner of the Year 2016 by Palo Alto Networks, Inc.
2018 Jun.Alteration of Listing Market from JASDAQ to 2nd Section, T.S.E.
2019 Mar.Section transfers from 2nd to 1st Section, T.S.E


2020 Sep.Changed the number of boards of directors to 6 and introduced the Executive Officers
2021 Dec.established Special Committee
2022 Apr.transitted to the Prime Market upon the restructuring of the market segments of T.S.E.