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・Promotion of health-oriented management
・Workstyle reform

・Improvement of engagement
・Utilization of diversity

Promotion of health-oriented management

The company has formed a system allowing for the cooperation with public health nurses and industrial physicians and promoted health-oriented management overseen by the CEO, who is responsible for healthoriented management, and was certified as an "Excellent Health and Productivity Management Corporation 2022 (Large Corporation Category)" designated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. We newly established a Health-oriented Management Promotion Department in July 2022 and are further reinforcing the initiatives for elevating the well-being* of each of our employees, who are the most important resources of our business.
* A state of being completely fine and fully satisfied in terms of the body, mind and society

Expansion of the company's payment for medical examinations of employees
Since the previous term, the company has been covering the full costs of gynecologic examinations of women under 35 years old, which used not to be covered, and is promoting undergoing medical examinations, early discovery and early treatment of illnesses.

Health initiatives by public health nurses
In order to prevent lifestyle diseases of our employees, we are proactively engaging in healthcare guidance based on the results of medical examinations and promoting examinations of employees with abnormal test results by public health nurses. We have also set up a counter for consultation with public health nurses, allowing our employees to have a casual consultation. The public health nurses also hold meetings with new employees who require care, ill employees and employees receiving treatment.

Mental health measures
Following a stress check held once a year, we hold a meeting for managers to report the results of the group analysis in order to reinforce mental health measures. We also organize individual consultations for managers taking into account the results of the stress check as well as trainings for mental health self-care and employee care overseen by line managers.

Physical health measures
We organized an on-demand video seminar on shoulder stiffness, back pain, smoking, alcohol addiction, cancer, lessening the lack of exercise, methods to prevent eyestrain and headache, and female health. We allowed not only the employees, but also their families to participate, and made endeavors to elevate the health literacy of our employees and their families.

Introduction of an additional leave compensation program
As the monthly salary decreases in case of“ injury and illness compensation” provided when taking a leave from work due to the treatment of an illness or injury unrelated to work, we took out the Group Long-Term Disability Insurance. Under this facilitation, we provide a working environment lessening the economic uncertainties of our employees and allowing them to feel reassured in continuing to work.

Standing staff canteens and breakfast services
We have arranged an environment allowing our employees to easily have a nutritionally balanced
meal anytime during the day, weekends and night by introducing a standing staff canteen service offering small dishes, rice, etc. We are also offering breakfast from 8 o'clock on weekdays with the objective of elevating productivity by growing out of long working hours and night work and promoting health. These services are widely available to everybody, no matter whether they are employees or part-time workers.


Workstyle reform

In order to provide high-quality systems and services to our clients, it is vital to meticulously manage the working hours of our employees and arrange a comfortable working environment. We are aiming for holding excellent human resources and improving our mid- to long-term performance through the workstyle reform.

Meticulous management of working hours
The working hours of our employees are checked at a meeting of the senior management, and in case there is an employee whose working hours have exceeded the limit of the company, we give directions to the concerned department if necessary and strive for the improvement of our employees' work-life balance.

We have provided an environment allowing the telework of all employees and are encouraging diverse and flexible workstyles compatible with the circumstances of each employee, not only from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Special leave program for night work
As our systems are operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, work is performed at night in some instances. In case of fixed working hours during late night, special leave is granted according to the working hours and we are promoting employees to take this leave for their health.

Promoting employees to take paid leave
Regarding our goal for the number of days of paid leave taken, we are promoting employees to take 8 days off, more than the 5 days off designated by the law. The average usage rate for the number of days of annual paid leave granted reached 71.8% in 2020 and 74.7% in 2021, meaning that we have succeeded in creating a corporate culture allowing employees to easily take paid leave in comparison to the average rate of 56.6%* in Japan.
* Source: "General Survey on Working Conditions 2021," Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Improvement of engagement

In-house communication

Web company newsletter (DIVERSITY WAVE)
We have been publishing "DIVERSITY WAVE," a web company newsletter, twice a month since July 2021, with the objective of introducing the rich personalities of our employees and promoting diversity. We are covering various topics in every issue, from employee contents such as the introduction of employees and divisions to features concerning the company such as event reports and health-oriented management. Lately we have also produced a radio show and are making efforts to convey the real voices of our employees. These initiatives are playing a significant role for in-house information sharing and stimulating the communication between employees.

Hakodate Staywork
In order to pursue "a comfortable work environment" and "decent work" for our employees and support their health and active participation, we aimed for the introduction of workation at the Hakodate branch office as a new workstyle for employees of our head office and studied the effects thereof for three months. We got feedback from the participating employees such as "I can now see things in a different light," "It was good for a change of pace" and "I was able to interact with employees in Hakodate." From now on, we shall proceed with preparations for full adoption.

Setting exercise equipment
In order to promote communication between employees and provide a place for employees to lessen their lack of exercise and have a short refreshing break, we have installed health equipment such as exercise balls and minigolf. We are going to keep enriching the equipment while listening to the requests from our employees.

Community cleanup
In order to stimulate communication between employees and contribute to the society, we proactively participate in local events. Twice a year, our employees voluntarily take part in "Community Cleanup Day," a local cleaning activity held by Chuo City, Tokyo, and clean the area surrounding the office.

Various policies to make our jobs more worthwhile

We introduced the cross-job system with the objective of training human resources who will elevate the knowledge and skills required for innovation beyond the borders of departments. Our employees can now state their wishes for in-house side work that accounts for about 20-30% of their working time.

We organize "Crosstalk" between the President and employees whenever necessary, based on the President's wish to hear about the current condition and thoughts directly from the employees and respond in case there is a new challenge.

Mentoring system
This is a system where all employees under 40 can talk with a mentor from a different department which they have selected, and the mentee can freely consult the mentor about their work-related worries and career path. The employees also use this system to collect information on other divisions in preparing for in-house transfer to enhance their career.

Self-reporting system
This is a system for all employees at positions below a section manager to report on the work they were involved in, their wishes for transfer, change of jobs, etc. to the company every year. Through this system, the company can grasp the current situation and career aspirations of all employees, and conduct an appropriate placement of human resources and support of career development. Moreover, superiors can grasp the career aspirations of their subordinates and put this to use in their usual work guidance.

Utilization of diversity

The number of our employees has grown about 1.3 times from 5 years ago in step with the expansion of our business scale. Moreover, we are forging ahead with the recruitment of human resources with diverse values in order to utilize differences in the aspects such as sex, nationality, age and having a disability or not, and bring about additional values. Building a workplace environment and programs compatible with such diversified employees is indispensable for mid- to long-term growth.

Promotion of the advancement of women

In order to promote the advancement of female employees, we are reinforcing various measures with the goal of doubling the number of female managers and advanced specialists from 11 in the term ended June 2022 to 23 by the term ending June 2025.

Intelligent Women's Wave (IWW)
Based on the idea that an environment allowing female employees to easily consult each other is necessary, we are continuing the "Intelligent Women's Wave" activities and striving to arrange an environment where female employees can consult each other as a mentoring system between female employees.We are supporting long-term career development and smooth return to the workplace after the childcare leave by encouraging the advice from senior employees and utilization of various in-house programs so that the female employees can image their future career development even during life events unique to women.

Online get-together for employees on childcare leave
We organized an online get-together for female employees on childcare leave. We supported them so that they could feel reassured preparing for the return to their workplace, providing information on the changes in the workplace environment, responding to consultations about anxieties and uncertainties concerning the return and offering advice from employees who have previously taken childcare leave, allowing them to imagine their workstyle after returning to work more concretely.

Supporting the work-childcare balance

In order to support life events such as childbirth and childcare, we are offering a three-day special leave available when the spouse gives birth and program for shortening working hours by up to 2 hours per day until the child reaches the initial term of junior high school. With regard to childcare leave, 100.0% of women and 14.3% of men in 2020 and 100.0% of women and 64.0% of men in 2021 took it, exceeding the averages of both women and men in Japan for successive years.

Initiatives to promote the advancement of disabled people inside and outside the company

Event for appreciating ParaArt (artworks by disabled persons)
We started to exhibit ParaArt at the main office. We are seeking the stress-relieving effects which the viewing of the ParaArt has on people, including our employees, and the stimulation of communication brought about by viewing the ParaArt. Furthermore, we are facilitating the understanding of the diversity of our employees through art and supporting the economic independence of disabled artists. We held a ParaArt viewing during the coronavirus crisis with the objective of creating an opportunity for smooth interaction between employees. New interactions arose also between employees who do not come into contact during their daily work and there were various reactions from the participants, such as discovering differences from others and new sides of themselves through art.

Initiatives for enhancing awareness and facilitating understanding in the company
Aiming for a workplace environment that allows employees with disabilities to make use of their potential even more, we organized educational seminars and study sessions for workers in the departments to which the disabled are assigned. We invited lecturers from concerned institutions to obtain the basic knowledge about the characteristics of disabilities and receive explanations on appropriate consideration toward the disabled, striving to facilitate the understanding of employees with disabilities.

Regular meetings for the disabled
We hold meetings with the disabled by staff in charge of retaining the disabled once a month. After interviewing them on various matters including their physical conditions, we give advice to the disabled as well as the superiors and workers in the department to which they are assigned.

Employment of the elderly

Expansion of the scope of the advanced specialist program
We have expanded the target range of the "advanced specialist program" for assigning a position to highly specialized employees, which used to be under 60 years old, to include those above 60 years old, and we promote the employment of senior employees. Furthermore, we have also newly established a "professional program" for assigning the position of a "fellow" or "chief engineer" to employees who are extremely highly specialized (the top class in the industry and the world) and recognized to contribute to the improvement of our social value, and employees over 60 years old can be certified in this program as well.

Promotion of successful career for foreign employees

Providing a place and chance for a successful career utilizing international experience
We proactively promote employees of foreign nationalities including young employees to the team for advancing overseas business. They utilize the diversity born from the experience obtained overseas and different values and began new endeavors in the international business.