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Line of Business

In addition to the development of a payment system aimed at credit card companies which it has been working on since its establishment, the company’s main business has been the creation of an information base for brokerage firms and the development and marketing of products for information security measures. Aiming to create new business of the scale of these businesses, the company will expand into business fields outside the finance industry.

Credit Card-Related Businesses

The company handles system development business aimed at financial institutions such as credit card companies and banks, the marketing of products developed by the company, and maintenance services. The system developed by the company processes large amounts of high-speed credit card transactions taking place non-stop, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, accurately and in real time. The company’s flagship products are NET+1, which is utilized in network connections during card payments and ATM connections at banks, and ACEPlus, which detects fraudulent card usage.

Businesses Aimed at the Securities Industry

For businesses aimed at the securities industry, the company has used its abundant technology and experience related to mass data processing to develop Will-Trade, which is an information transmission foundation system. It is used to implement safe and secure transfer and processing of information on market conditions (market data) transmitted from the stock exchange. The company has extensive records on connection and system delivery for banks, large brokerage firms, large online brokerage firms as well as domestic stock exchanges and information vendors.

Information Security Measure Business

The company offers solutions and services to customers from a variety of industries for the prevention of information leaks within organizations, as well as prevention of cyberattacks from outside the organization. CWAT, which prevents the internal leak of company information, was developed by the company. In addition, the company markets outstanding foreign products for cybersecurity measures, centered around products from Israel, which is a leading country in security. The company offers products and services based on the concept of Zero Trust Security, in preparation for new threats that accompany societal change such as the increasing usage of cloud platforms and the promotion of work from home.

Toward a New Market

To create a new pillar for business, the company must utilize its strength - the technology to process large amounts of data accurately and in real time, in different fields than before. For example, by applying the technology cultivated through the system aimed at the securities industry, the company developed EoM, an IP flow monitoring solution aimed at the broadcasting industry. Further, the company applied the hardware used as part of a security measure in credit card payments for the automotive industry to strengthen the security for connected cars. The company also developed the high-precision document retrieval system OpAI which utilizes AI, and offers QLM, a quantum simulator which uses the quantum gate formula. The company will continue to develop and offer products which use new technology, to create an IT foundation which will support the digital transformation of consumers and companies.