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Greetings from CEO

Representative Director Kunimitsu Sato
Chief Executive Officer,
Representative Director
Kunimitsu Sato

We will realize Business Reliability.

Intelligent Wave Inc. was founded in 1984 and pioneered the software industry in Japan. Our name, “Intelligent Wave,” is derived from our ambition to trigger a shock wave ushering in a new era. Since the foundation, we have pursued and developed systems non-stop for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which has been our distinguished advantage.

Our technology such as network connection, authorization, and fraud detection is indispensable for people to use credit card. Accordingly, we take an important role for promoting cashless society where credit card users feel safe and secure in their electronic payment.

Therefore, improving the reliability of our business is highly important and makes more reliable the business of each client that offers payment services, which we define as “Business Reliability.” We are challenging ourselves to realize business reliability.

As one of methods for realizing it, we actively invest in human resources. By improving human capital such as health promotion, we can guarantee the stable operation of IT infrastructure necessary for society and also enhance quality of our services.

In our company, employees share their diverse value regardless of their nationality, age, gender and so forth. We need to take individual-oriented initiatives to improve our human capital. Considering them, I ask the employees everyday whether people around them are happy. If employees are happier, they can work on their tasks more energetically, which leads to satisfying customers. When our work is highly evaluated, profit arises and is returned to our employees and shareholders to make them happy again.

We engage in dialogue and encourage co-creation with everyone involved both internally and externally. Strengthening our capability, then, we will keep creating new value to society.

October, 2022
Kunimitsu Sato