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Basic policy

Intelligent Wave's business is centered on developing systems and providing cloud services, and our business model has slighter impact on the environment than manufacturing industries that operate factories, etc. However, we recognize the response to environmental issues such as climate change countermeasures as a task in which all enterprises should be involved. We collect necessary data on risks and opportunities for gaining income, impact on our business, etc. related to climate change and progress with the analysis thereof, as our policy is to go on to disclose information of sufficient quality and quantity based on global frameworks for disclosure of information on climate changes.
Furthermore, from now on we shall formulate mid- to long-term environment goals and strategies and promote concrete measures to achieve them.

System for environmental management

Intelligent Wave views environmental issues as important management challenges and has built a system for environmental management where the President has the overall responsibility. Initiatives concerning the environment are debated mainly by the Sustainability Committee, which is a subordinate institution of the Board of Directors, and the President serves as the Head of this Committee. Moreover, the Board of Directors is responsible for supervising the initiatives related to the environment, and decisions regarding especially important points are made following the resolution of the Board of Directors.

Reasonable use of electricity and paper

 As an initiative to lessen environmental burdens, we are promoting electricity conservation and limitation of paper use. While we purchased about 2,290 thousand paper sheets (converted to A4) in the term ended June 2019, we reduced the amount to 440 thousand paper sheets (down about 80%) in the term ended June 2022.
Moreover, as for electricity, we are striving to reduce power consumption per one person by 1% from the previous fiscal year by gradually switching telecommunication equipment, etc. to energy-saving devices and abolishing the dress code, etc. as a measure for lessening the air-conditioning load.