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Information Leakage Prevention Solution



Data breaches are one of the biggest concerns that organizations face today.
A large number of organizations have suffered significant damage from data breach incidents.

$4.45 million - the average cost of a data breach in 2023*1

Data breaches are caused by not only external cyberattacks but also insider threats.
It is estimated that 74% of organizations in the world are moderately vulnerable to insider threats in 2023.*2
―Insider threats are listed among the top 5 cybersecurity threats *3

Main Channels of Information Leakage:

- Email    
- Web uploads
- Instant messaging
- Removable media / flash drives / external hard drives
- Printed documents, etc.

*1 IBM, Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023 
*2 Cybersecurity Insiders, 2023 INSIDER THREAT REPORT [GURUCUL]
*3 Judge Group, Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats: Putting the Right Team in Place to Battle Them

What is CWAT?

| Overview

CWAT protects organizations from information leakage and harmful behaviors in real-time

1) CWAT monitors employees' activities on PCs and blocks unauthorized operations
2) CWAT employs file encryption so that file contents are protected even in the event of a leak


CWAT monitors and blocks high-risk PC activities according to CWAT Security Policy.

Features in detail:
Powerful Information Leakage Prevention
- Provides real-time protection
- Monitors and blocks a wide variety of employees' activities on PC
- Encrypts files to safeguard file contents

Highly Flexible Configuration
- Security policies can be defined at both user level and device level
- Various responses can be configured for each policy violation

Essential Logging
- Alert logs allow real-time monitoring of incidents
- Audit logs track every individual PC operation for post-incident investigations


Customers from a wide range of industries - including costomers outside Japan