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Features of the Company

①Technological Prowess that Supports Societal Infrastructure 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year

The company has been developing systems that process large amounts of data accurately and in real time, aimed at the finance industry including credit card companies, banks, and brokerage firms. In particular, credit card payments require technology that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year non-stop. By offering a highly reliable system, the company supports social infrastructure where anyone can safely use a credit card at any time, through its reliable technology.

②A Strong Position in the Credit Card Industry

The company’s products, namely NET+1, a card network connection and authentication system essential for credit card payments, and ACEPlus, a system which detects fraudulent usage of cards, have acquired a large share domestically. NET+1 has been adopted by many credit card companies, which has actualized safe and secure card payments. Further, it has been adopted in the network control of up to 25,000 ATMs placed in 7-Eleven’s, Ito-Yokado stores, train stations, and airports across the country, where it is supporting the processing of cash transactions and credit card payments.

③From On-Premises to Cloud and From One-shot Revenues to Recurring Revenues 

The company is working on converting its business model to a business form which can offer its system in a cloud model as well as an on-premises model. In the on-premises model, the development and delivery of the system are performed for each customer, with the company receiving a large amount of revenues in one go, but in the cloud model, the revenue comes from the usage fee that depends on the period of time the system is used. It is a business form known as the Subscription Model. The company is working on a stable expansion of its revenue base by adding a recurring-revenue business model which can be expected to provide sustainable profitability, instead of only relying on the conventional one-shot-revenue business model centered around commissioned development.

④Taking on New Markets

The company, based on its technological prowess and expertise, has developed its products and services on the assumption of societal change. For example, as the broadcasting industry proceeds to become fully IP-based, the company is developing and marketing EoM, which is an IP Flow Monitoring Solution that will preserve and improve the quality of broadcasts, to broadcasters and TV program producers. EoM was developed through the application of high-speed processing technology, which was cultivated by the company during its system development for the securities industry. Further, the company applied the hardware it used as part of a security measure in credit card payments for the automotive industry to strengthen the security for connected cars. The company will continue to utilize its expertise and experience in industries other than the finance industry and expand into newer markets.

⑤Pursuit of a Personnel Training System and Ease of Work

To expand business, an enhanced personnel training system and a comfortable working environment are essential. In addition to a level-specific training system with business execution ability, IT literacy, and resourcefulness held up as its three pillars, the company is working to set up a personnel training program called IWI College for young employees with senior engineers as lecturers.
Further, the company is conducting proactive work style reforms, by steadily reducing the total working hours of its employees and improving the rate of taking annual paid leaves. In addition to offering an environment where all employees can work from home, the company is working to establish a comfortable working environment by increasing its range of staggered working time. Regarding the rate of taking childcare leave, the company ranked above the national average (83.0% for women and 7.4% for men) for both men and women, with 100% for women and 14% for men in 2020※.

※Source: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare ? “Basic Survey of Gender Equality in Employment Management, 2019”