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Heath and productivity management

Declaration of Health and productivity management

The most important management resource in our business is human resources, and promoting their health is extremely beneficial to the realization of our mid/long-term management goals and management philosophy. Since all our products and services are the infrastructure (IT infrastructure) that plays an essential role in society, the efforts to improve human capital of our employees not only ensure the stable operation of the IT infrastructure, but can also have a significant effect on improving the quality of products and services beyond the scope of business risk management.

We are actively pursuing comfortable working environment and worthwhile jobs for our employees, and accordingly forging various initiatives to realize the ways of working in which employees can contribute to the company for being who they are. We formulated the Declaration of Health and productivity management in May 2021, which was resolved by the Board of Directors and disclosed both internally and externally.

Declaration of Health and productivity management

We will promote initiatives for our employees to remain healthy both physically and mentally.

Structure for promoting Health and productivity management

Sustainability Committee Office was established under the Sustainability Committee chaired by CEO, Representative Director. We are discussing issues and initiatives related to Health and productivity management in cooperation with Health and Safety Committee, Industrial Doctor and Health insurance association. The results discussed in Sustainability Committee Office are reported at Sustainability Committee, and we are continuously promoting Health and productivity management.

In addition, we established Health and productivity management Working Group (WG) which was composed of a diverse group of employees regardless of gender, nationality, or position. We are discussing ways to solve various issues related to the physical and mental health of employees, such as sleep, eating habits, and working styles. Health and productivity management WG will propose the solution to the issues to Sustainability Committee.

Main measures and effects

1. Measures to promote employees' health

We are forging various initiatives for promoting employees' health. In particular, we aim for 100% in the employees' consultation rate for regular health checkup and stress check test in order to regularly observe health promotion of employees and to detect any health problems at an early stage.

Physical health measures
We are promoting various initiatives to improve health check taking rate, to strengthen the health management system of employees, to improve the health literacy of employees and their families.

Our initiatives:

  • ・Full payment of health screening expenses for over-35-year-old employees and the dependents
  • ・Full payment of gynecological examination for employees under 35 years old
  • ・A public health nurse's health guidance based on the health checkup and encouragement of employees with abnormal results to take undergo medical examinations
  • ・Health consultation service by an industrial physician and a public health nurse
  • ・Health consultation service by an external association (since November, 2021)
  • ・Health care webinars for employees and their families
  • ・Group Long Term Disability program

Mental health measures
We are strengthening mental health measures by conducting stress check test for all employees once a year and developing health guidance and training based on the test result.

Our initiatives:

  • ・Debriefing sessions for managers on the results of group analysis on the stress check test
  • ・Private meetings for managements
  • ・Self-care and line care training for mental health
  • ・Health consultation service by an industrial physician and a public health nurse
  • ・Mental health consultation service by an external association (since November, 2021)

Special leave for infectious deseases
To facilitate vaccination against COVID-19, we introduced vaccination leave of five days per year (maximum 40 hours) in June 2021. Employees are available for the leave not only for the time to get vaccinated, or when sick after the vaccination, but also when accompanying a family member who lives with them to get vaccinated.
As for seasonal influenza , those who got infected can take a special leave for three days.

2. Reforms of workstyles

In the company, about 75% of employees engage in system development. To provide high quality systems and services to our customers, it is important to carefully manage employees’ working hours and develop a comfortable working environment and policies.
Through our efforts to reform of workstyles, we aim to reduce the total working hours of our employees and improve their work-life balance.

Activities for Creating Time
The CEO himself is strongly promoting the reform of workstyles. From February 2017 to July 2020, all managers gathered at a monthly meeting called "the Conference for Creating Time" to repeatedly convey the importance of reducing overtime work and creating time outside of work.

Since the start of the activities, the working hours of the entire company have been steadily decreasing, and in 2021, we were able to reduce the average monthly working hours by about 6% compared to 2017. Based on the policy that the reduced working hours are the result of the employees' efforts, we return the reduced working hours to the employees in monetary form as "Allowance for Creating Time" according to the actual reduction.

Breakfast service for encouraging the early-bird shift
We serve morning meals between 8:00 and 9:30 a.m. on weekdays for our employees and staffs working at our office. The service was launched in June 2019 with the aim of breaking away from long working hours in night time and improving productivity by promoting health, and about 60% of employees are using the service.

Encouraging employees to take a leave
In 2018, we established a system in which employees can take an annual paid leave in units of hours, and from April 2019 we promote employees’ planned use of paid leave. As our own system, furthermore, we have added three days to the five days of paid leave per year required by the work style reform legislation and encourage all employees to take at least eight days of paid leave per year. For those who have a shortfall of paid leave to eight days, we advise each individual employee to take the leave. 

Since the implementation of the system in 2019, all employees have been able to take five days of paid leave per year, and the overall rate of paid leave usage was 71.8% in 2020.

3. Status regarding health management

We are monitoring quantitative indicators to measure effects of initiatives for health promotion and work style reform. We will continue to measure these indicators and make the effect more visible.


Regular health checkup rate91.0%91.5%95.0%
Specific health guidance implementation rate29.4%41.0% 35.1%
Obesity rate (over BMI 25) 23.0%23.0%24.0%
Smoking rate 25.7% 24.0% 23.0%
Stress check taking rate  98.7% 99.8% 100.0%
High stress person rate  14.2% 16.8% 16.4%
Average years of service 9.9 years9.9 years10.1 years
Presenteeism(*1)  - - 83.5%
Absenteeism(*2)  - - 7.0 hours

(*1)Company-wide average change in the ratio of employees who felt that they were able to demonstrate the performance in the past month, assuming that they could perform at the 100% capability
(*2) Company-wide average change in absent hours due to health problems in the past 3 months

4. Improvement of engagement

Since 2017, we have conducted an annual satisfaction survey for our employees. The survey response has promoted the use of paid leave and strengthened training programs for managers. Employee engagement improves year by year as a result of various initiatives to create a comfortable and worthwhile environment to work. Listening to each and every employee, we will continue to improve the work environment further.

5. Other results (impact on management)

Compared to FY2018, we have reduced the annual working hours per person by about 77 hours. We have been able to maintain and improve our health by securing sleep time and rest. Our business performance, while we are promoting employees' health, has maintained the trend of increased sales and profits, which indicates that improving health leads to employees’ high productivity. We will make further improvements by continuously measuring absenteeism and presenteeism.