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Credit Card Authorization System


Net+1 is a software product with a proven track record in Japan that performs the network connection and judgement of credit card eligibility required for cashless payment.

NET+1 is a 24/7 software product for handling online transactions over networks. In addition to fully supporting IC card authorization, it can be connected to various domestic and international credit card networks. 

It is also compatible with ATM and other external banking networks. Taking NET+1 BASE (basic system) as our starting point, we have various optional packages for creating systems that meet the needs of customers. Committed to providing full support to customers, we also offer round-the-clock maintenance.

Applicable Fields

Credit card company external network connection / credit terminal connection/authorization system
Bank external connection system (CD/ATM, overseas ATM (PLUS, Cirrus) network)
Consumer finance external network connection system
Large-scale member store authorization connection system
Credit information center connection system