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Basic Compliance Policy

September 25, 2020

We hereby stipulate the basic policy for all executives and employees to thoroughly implement compliance. In practicing this basic policy, a Compliance Manual that corresponds to the respective situations in executing specific business tasks will be prepared in an effort to foster a spirit of compliance among all executives and employees, and implement business activities that make compliance the top priority.

  1. We acknowledge the social responsibility and public mission of the Company’s operations, and will execute healthy corporate management and business conduct.
  2. We will comply not only with the wording of laws and regulations but also with their legislative intent and purpose.
  3. We will respect the individuality of all parties concerned, business and otherwise, and contribute to the healthy development of the social economy.
  4. We will take a resolute stance against antisocial forces.
  5. We will strive to leave behind a richer and fairer society for future generations.