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Mid-term Business Plan

The Company announced a three-year medium-term business plan from the fiscal year ended June 2022 to the fiscal year ending June 2024 . In the final year, we aim for “15ALL” with net sales of 15 billion yen and an operating income margin of 15%.

Roadmap to “15ALL”

① A hybrid IT infrastructure in payment system market
② Expansion into areas other than the payment, financing, or security fields
③ DNP Group Synergies

A hybrid IT infrastructure in payment system market
Our business opportunity is growing further through the promotion of cashless society and diversification of payment methods. Credit card companies aim to reduce operating costs under the declining transaction charge and seek cloud-computing services, which does not cost physical machinery such as servers.
In addition to the on-premise* in which we have exceled, we will offer cloud services*, which are in high demand in the market, and expand our sales through both on-premise and cloud services.

Expansion into areas other than the payment, financing, or security fields
In the DX, digital transformation, era where real-time processing of large amounts of data is required in every industry. we will utilize our acceleration (high-speed processing), real-time, and analysis technologies cultivated in the payment system market. In addition to the broadcasting business field, which we have already entered, we aim to create an IT infrastructure that supports DX in the social infrastructure domains such as electric power and transportation.

DNP Group Synergies
Catching the cashless payment trend, the synergy between DNP and IWI mainly focused on activities in the payment system business. In the future, we will transform our activities into activities that are not closed to specific areas with "DNP’s assets and IWI’s technology". As a new initiative, we are starting to collaborate in the area of operational technology (OT) for realizing smart factories. We will provide a security environment for DNP customers’ factories and supports smart factories by utilizing our acceleration, real-time, and analysis technologies.

*1. On-premise: Customers deploy and operate a system by owning servers, network equipment, software, etc.
*2 Cloud services: Customers operate business with systems provided by external parties without owning servers, network equipment, software, etc.

Innovation to organization powered by diversity

Our commitment for human capital is an important factor in our business model. By respecting diverse work styles and diverse human resources, we will lead to the stable operation of IT infrastructure and the creation of new businesses.

Medium-term business plan FY06/22 to FY06/24(PDF)