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Diversity - Utilization of Diversity

We are committed to hiring people with diverse values, regardless of gender or nationality.
The number of employees has increased about 1.4 times from five years ago as the expansion of the business scale. In recent years, the percentage of women and foreign nationals has been increasing, and it is essential to create a work environment and systems that are compatible with such a diverse workforce to achieve mid/long-term growth.

Empowerment of female employees

To achieve this goal, we are continuing the Intelligent Women's Wave activities based on the idea that it is necessary to create an environment where female employees can easily consult with each other about their career paths and life plans. This is a mentoring system for female employees, and as of the end of June 2021, 40 employees, or 40.4% of a total of 99 female employees, are making use of this system. 

We are also continuing to implement other measures to ensure the safety of female employees when commuting to and from work.

Support for a good balance between work and childcare

To support life events such as childbirth and childcare, we have a special three-day leave of absence that can be used when a spouse gives birth, and a system to shorten working hours by up to two hours per day until the child enters junior high school. 

In terms of childcare leave, 100% of women and 30% of men took childcare leave in 2019, and 100% of women and 14.3% of men took childcare leave in 2020, exceeding the national average rate for both men and women, every year.

Further employment and empowerment of non-Japanese employees

As the number of non-Japanese employee increases, we are working to create an environment where we can respect each other's culture, ideas, and customs regardless of nationality.

To help foreign employees adjust to life and work in Japan, recruitment staff and the  sections to which they are assigned to are working together to strengthen support for  improving their business-level Japanese language skills.

Reform of workstyle

About 75% of our employees are engaged in system development work, and to provide high-quality systems and services to our customers, it is important for us to carefully manage our employees' working hours and develop a comfortable working environment and policies.  Through our efforts to reform of workstyles, we aim to reduce the total working hours of our employees and improve their work-life balance, thereby securing excellent human resources  and improving our mid/long-term performance. 

Employees will be able to reform of workstyles by choosing their own diverse and flexible work styles according to their individual circumstances.

Activities for Creating Time

The CEO himself is strongly promoting the reform of workstyles. From February 2017 to  July 2020, we gathered all managers and held a monthly meeting called "the Conference for  Creating Time" to repeatedly convey the importance of reducing overtime work and  creating time outside of work so that the work style reform would spread throughout the  company, and provided direct guidance to managers in departments where long working  hours were observed. 

Since the start of the activities, the working hours of the entire company have been steadily decreasing, and in 2021, we were able to reduce the average monthly working hours by about 6% compared to 2017. Based on the policy that the reduced working hours are the result of  the employees' efforts, we return the reduced working hours to the employees in monetary  form as "Allowance for Creating Time" according to the actual reduction. We will continue to manage our working hours and create an environment that leads to increased productivity for our employees.

A variety of working options for employees

Breakfast service for encouraging the early-bird shift
Morning meal is served between 8:00 and 9:30 a.m. on weekdays for our employees and affiliated companies. The service was launched in June 2019 with the aim of breaking away from long working hours and night shifts and improving productivity by promoting health, and about 60% of employees are using the service.

Encouraging employees to take a leave
In 2018, we established a system in which employees can take an annual paid leave in units of hours, and from April 2019 we promote employees’ planned use of paid leave. As our own system, furthermore, we have added three days to the five days of paid leave per year required by the work style reform legislation and encourage all employees to take at least eight days of paid leave per year. For those who have a shortfall of paid leave to eight days, we advise each individual employee to take the leave. 

Since the implementation of the system in 2019, all employees have been able to take five days of paid leave per year, and the overall rate of paid leave usage was 79.8% in 2019 and 71.8% in 2020, which is extremely high compared to the national average of 56.3%*. Thus, we can say that we are succeeding in building a company culture which let employees to take paid leave freely.

Measures to promote employees' health

Health consultation service by public health nurse
To strengthen the health management system, regular visits by a public health nurse began in June 2021. The public health nurse provides health guidance based on the results of health examinations and encourages employees with abnormal results to undergo medical examinations to actively prevent lifestyle-related diseases.

In addition to the existing industrial physician, a health consultation service by a public health nurse has been added so that each employee can feel free to consult. In addition to providing consultation services, a public health nurse also meets with new employees who need care and support, as well as employees who are sick or undergoing medical treatment.

 Mental health measures
Stress check test have been conducted once a year since 2016, and from 2019 onward, debriefing sessions on the results of group analysis have been held for managers with the aim of strengthening company-wide mental health measures.

In addition, from 2020, we have been providing individual consultations for managers on the results of the test, and in 2021, we offered mental health self-care and line care training based on the results of the test's group analysis.

 Physical health measures
Four webinars were conducted in July 2021 on fatigue and recovery methods, cancer, alcoholism, smoking, women's health, shoulder stiffness, and back pain. These webinars were targeted not only to employees, but also to their family members to improve the health literacy of the employees and their families.

Full payment of health checkup expenses
Until FY 2020, employees aged 35 and over had to pay a portion of the cost of full health checkups but from FY 2021, with the aim of improving the rate of checkups, the company began to cover the entire cost, and the same applies to their dependents.

Special leave for infectious diseases
To create an environment that facilitates vaccination against COVID-19, we introduced vaccination leave (special leave) of five days per year (maximum 40 hours) in June 2021. This leave can be used not only for the time to get vaccinated, or when sick after the vaccination, but also when accompanying a family member who lives with them to get vaccinated, and can be taken on an hourly basis.

As for seasonal influenza, those who got infected can take a special three-day leave for influenza as part of our efforts to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Improvement in Engagement

We are striving to create a rewarding work environment and systems that allow our employees to maximize their potential. Since 2017, we have been conducting satisfaction surveys to monitor the status of employee engagement and to improve our organizational culture.

Satisfaction survey

Since 2017, we have conducted an annual satisfaction survey for our employees. The average  response  rate  for the past four surveys has been extremely high at 89%, and the survey  response has been used to promote the use of paid leave and strengthen training programs  for managers. We will continue to listen to the voices of each and every employee through this survey to further improve the workplace environment.

Various measures for making jobs more worthwhile

Mentoring system
In November 2016, we adopted a system for interviews between employees who will lead the  next generation (mentees) and executives and general managers of other departments  (mentors). The system allows mentees to meet with mentors from other departments so that they can freely discuss their work-related concerns and their own career paths. Mentors provide advice to mentees according to the nature of the consultation and, if necessary, directly approach the mentees' superiors, thereby contributing to a reduction in the turnover rate as mentee engagement increases.

Encouraging employees to obtain public qualifications
We encourage our employees to acquire qualifications, and we provide incentives and awards for those who have acquired them. Qualifications include information processing, project management, and TOEIC, but we actively encourage our employees to obtain certifications related to credit card business, which are directly related to their work, and as of the end of  June 2021, a total of 130 employees held certifications in credit card business.

Business idea contest
Since 2019, we have been holding an annual business idea contest to raise employees' awareness of issues. In 2021, we have added new requirements such as "new ideas based on current trends such as post-pandemic society" and "new methods and approaches to increase corporate value from a non-financial perspective," and the total number of applications has increased significantly from 44 in 2020 to 77. In the end, six cases were selected for commendation, and the corresponding employees were given incentives. 
Research and development for commercialization of awarded business ideas are being  discussed within the company, and we expect that this will lead to the creation of businesses that will support our future growth in the medium term.